Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Times!

This past week has been crazy busy! Mid-week, however, I was treated to a four day visit from my mom. Moms just seem to make the world a brighter place. We had such a great time and the boys adore her! That is probably because she spends time with them and talks to them, not at them. While the boys were in school we shopped, shopped and shopped! So much for that budget I was attempting to stay on this month! It was well worth it though. As a woman, it is wonderful to have another female, especially your mom, with you to participate in some marathon shopping! I am having to take the weekend to recover from all that strenous exercise! I took the week off from cooking and we "roughed" it, eating sandwiches, chicken and pizzas! (My hubby has spent the past five days soaking up the last of the hunting season.) Now you can understand why I needed to marathon shop, I had to burn all those extra calories off! The best caloric gut bomb we ate was the birthday cake I made for mom. Chocolate cake! There is nothing better than a good, old fashioned cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting! It made it a whole day! Here is mom with her cake before we devoured it!

food 2010 031

This was such a great cake! I could share the recipe with you, but every cook has their own secrets! Cakes are mine!

Since I have been recooperating this weekend, mom and I watched one of my favorite movies last One Night with the King. It tells the story of Esther. If you know me then you also know Esther is my favorite woman of the bible. I love everything about her story. From the precise planning God layed out for her to save the Jewish people to the courage and strength she showed. She was to become queen to save her people! How awesome is that??!! God used a woman and saved the Jews! So this prompted me to ask of you all, what do you like most about Esther and her story? I would REALLY love to hear your thoughts on her life story. And if you haven't watched the movie, well, now you must! I can't wait to hear from you all!


Jennifer Werneth said...

love that sweet mom of yours! glad you had a great visit (though i am a bit perturbed about not getting a piece of that cake:). love esther's story, but haven't seen the movie (unless the veggie tale version counts:). i'll have to watch it now!

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