Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Shower


I think I should rename my blog "The MIA Blogger", because that is what I have been, missing in action! As most of you mothers know, life is hectic and extremly busy. Whoever coined the title,"Stay-at-home mom", should have thought that one out better. I don't "stay" at home. I think my title should be,"Domestic Engineer", engineering all things domesticated! I have recently stumbled upon the revelation that I am an overachiever. Me, really? Yep! I can't seem to do anything normal, it must be almost out of touch for me to attempt. Rest assured I am praying about it.

On a happier note, my dear friend, Jennifer, gave birth to her third child this past week. Babies are such joyous reasons for celebration. We celebrated Laney Elizabeth's, that is the new addition's name, arrival with a shower only a few days before she was born! Talk about a close call! So, as says my blogger title, the Haphazard Hostess, opens her door to you and will give you a little peek at our good time!

jens shower

We did have quite a spread and plenty of leftovers! (see how I over
achieve?!) Jen has an vinyl tree on the wall of the baby's crib. I decided to replicate that tree as a center piece for the shower. I simply cut a few branches from our crepe myrtle and spray painted the branches gold metallic. Then I glued leaves I cut from white cardstock onto the branches. A white planter with reindeer moss served as the base. I also printed little birds onto 4x6 cardstock and cut them out into circular shapes. I finished them off by using a hole puncher and running coordinating ribbon through the holes and tying a knot, leaving room for the cards to be hung for the tree. I had each person write a wish or blessing on the back. Each blessing was prayed over before giving it to Jen to keep as a momento.
wish tree

shower sign in

For this event, I used my milk glass plates and silver servingware. I wanted to keep mostly a white theme so I could blend some of the colors from her nursery. White is always a safe bet and most always looks clean, classic and elegant. shower

I usually do a cake, but wanted to focus on other things for this event, so I went to our local Publix and had them to make the pettifores. They did such a great job and tasted great! shower pettifores

Here is Jen with her oldest, now, daughter, Leah(or as my husband calls her Le-Le!) And, yes, she is almost nine months pregnant! Not fair, I looked like a sumo wrestler with BOTH of mine!


leah 2
This pic just shows how adorable she is! Leah really loved helping her mommy open gifts!

I have to give a special thanks to a few friends and family for the help they gave me in which I could not have done this without. A heartfelt thank you to Claudia, Melanie and Wendy for going in with me on the shower. It sure helps when you don't have to carry the load by yourself! To Shelton, without I would have no pictures! Since NOTHING can ever go off without a glitch! I forgot to charge my camera and thankfully Shelton showed up with hers! I am also grateful for the website for giving me such wonderful ideas! If you are hosting any sort of event, they have great ideas! Some of you might be wondering why have a baby shower for the third child? In my opinion, and we all have one, every child should be celebrated! Each person is a gift from God and there is nothing more intimate and special than that of a new birth, a new beginning. God Bless each and everyone of you!


Jennifer Werneth said...

you should be the hostess with the mostess; you are not haphazard at all! i loved how you put your heart into every detail, like you always do. it was simply beautiful and i adore the golden tree with the wishes - stunning and so special! thank you for celebrating this new blessing with us and for being such a faithful friend.

Melanie said...

I loved your shower. You are such a talented little diva. Shelton's photos are gorgeous as well.

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