Sunday, January 17, 2010

Throw Me Something Mr.!

Here on the Eastern Shore to New Orleans us locals are gearing up for another season of Mardi Gras! The fantastic parades and balls are just part of the excitement that goes on during this time. I used to LOVE to get dressed up in a pretty ball gown with my handsome man looking all debonair and dance the night away! The libations flow ALL night at these shindigs! If you have a low alcohol tolerance, stick with the wine, otherwise you are drinking straight liquer with a splash of coke(oj, sprite, whatever!)! Now, alas, I am a mom and wife with different priorities. I still love the parades and looking at all the ball goers dressed in their de rigueur. The kids really enjoy catching all the trinkets the masked riders of the floats throw. If you never have had the opportunity, you must come to at least one Mardi Gras parade! New Orleans is a little(ish),( heavy on the ish), more rowdy than the gulf coast of Alabama and Florida Panhandle. It will depend on the experience you are looking for (ie: to see a LOT of ladies breasts or not!). Personally, I have my own set and don't care to look at other women's ta-tas, nor do I want my kids to be exposed to that!

This brings me to my post. Finally! I have my fake Christmas entryway trees still in the pots at the front door. Winter in the South is so dreary and there is just nothing that I want to plant right now, so I thought I would keep the trees in the pots and use them for Mardi Gras decorations. Voila! Problem solved. Oh, No!,Wait! If I decided to decorate the trees, then I should make a wreath too, and oh, let's not forget those baskets that I had hanging from the lanterns at Christmas! Time to dig through the old decoration bin! I found some picks and tulle ribbon from the past years and decided to put them to use. I did buy the masks for the wreaths and a few picks for the baskets. They were REALLY reasonable and Miller's Grand Events had a great selection of decorative Mardi Gras stuff!
Now I have a festive front porch and I didn't even have to plant any plants that would surely perish! Here is what the result looks like:

2010 002

2010 004

2010 003


Busy Mom said...

I had the CUTEST MG bow made this weekend while in P'cola... hung it on my wreath this am and it is on my door!! CUTE decor you have sweet friend!

Jennifer Werneth said...

funny that you posted this b/c luke said, "mom, ms. nichole ALWAYS decorates for EVERY holiday and you NEVER do! why don't you?" so i asked what holiday did she decorate for now? and he said "the one with the happy and sad faces, you know?" i totally forgot, probably b/c i'm not from here. i may not decorate, but i will shout for some moon pies and knock down an old lady for some beads:).

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