Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We did it! I now feel pure elation and relief at the success of our school auction. Everyone involved worked so hard in their designated areas and the work more than paid off! It felt as if I was preparing for a wedding; the only difference was I didn't have to say, "I do", to anyone except the auctioneer on that Kindle we won. Which by the way, is awesome! I wanted to take the liberty to share with you all the decorations, because that was my area. I wish I had a video of the event then you would be able to see everything in its entirety. I also realized, too late, I should have taken before and after photos for you to see a complete transformation. Oh well. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the music. It is my favorite christian song. I think it is appropriate here at Easter. Listen to the words and allow His spirit to move within you, I know he has within me!

This is the stage where the live auction/dinner was held. I know that I am missing a moss ball to the left of the stage!

Auction and T-ball 002

All of the purchased tables had Easter Lily centerpieces. We mixed in a couple of plants and wrapped the pots in burlap, twine and ribbon.

Auction and T-ball 006

The remaining tables had these centerpieces. Try to overlook the sugar dishes that were added after the fact. That was not part of the decoration!

Auction and T-ball 008

Flanking each side of the stage in the back, for added height, there were these twig trees. I simply spray painted some branches from our crepe myrtle trees white, added some flower acrylic lights, potted plants and moss at the base. Viola!

Auction and T-ball 009

This has to be the conversation piece of the event and not because of the decorations, but because of what this massive piece of furniture really is. It is a high bar! Did I mention that our function took place in a church facility! No booze was stashed behind the counter, I checked! Sure could have used it at several different times! Ok, about the pic. I happened to have some linen fabric currently not being used and velcroed it to the high bar. A bird cage, from a long ago pet (key word LONG AGO), a couple hurricane lanterns and topiaries dressed it up.

Auction and T-ball 011

This is the bird cage. It was rusty when I pulled it out of storage. I spray painted it cream, put some grapevine moss (yes there is such a thing) and lighted lanters on the bottom. I hung a moss covered ball with a tiny bird glued to it at the top.

Auction and T-ball 013

This is the hurricane lantern with some of the grapevine moss inside.

Auction and T-ball 014

Two of these flower arrangment baskets hung of the front doors to welcome visitors. (Sorry about my shadow in the pic, I am no professional!)

Auction and T-ball 015

Greeting guests at the sign in table were two of these arrangments at each end. These were probably my favorite. They seem to invite spring, don't they?Auction and T-ball 019

Inside of the gym , where the silent auction was being held, I added a few twig arrangments with mini votives hanging down.

Auction and T-ball 021


Jennifer Werneth said...

fab-u-lous! glad that i get to enjoy the pics at least, since i missed everything:( everyone who went said that it was all wonderful. thanks for all that you did for our school!

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