Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I do apologize for my lengthy absence as of late. I feel as if I have successfully cut myself off from most of the world. This time of year seems to have a knack for being out to get me. I always know well ahead of schedule the many events I have coming up, but somehow, never seem quite enough prepared for them. We just wrapped up our 3rd annual school dinner and auction. It was a success and true revelation of God's miraculous capabilities. We raised a rather large amount in one night. A small Classical Christian with a little over 100 students. God's grace... Growth, in more ways than one.

I think of the many seeds we plant in our lives. How we nourish them, or neglect them. I feel as if I am constantly growing. Ever learning. God is tending my garden and nourishing the soil, strengthening the roots. Sometimes I try to trample over my on garden and weaken what He has tended to so carefully. Why do I do that? If I held the answer, it wouldn't ever happen. I have come to realize that in order for my own spiritual garden to grow, I must allow the Master Gardener to do His work. I am sure to have a few undeveloped and even rotten fruits, but I know that eventually my bounty will be plentiful. May your garden ever grow and be fruitful.

I thought I might like to share a few pictures of the decorations I put together for the school auction. I hope you enjoy.

I wish my camera would have caught the illumination in these centerpieces. They all "glowed" when the lights were dimmed.


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