Friday, February 25, 2011

A Culinary Hiatus

I have a confession, lately I have been in a cooking rut. This can probably be compared to writer's block or inspiration obstruction. My culinary creativity is pooped out. We have been so busy as of late that I am just wanting a quick healthy meal to feed my ravenous boys. This time of year is when all things tend to increase by the day; from school projects, Spring league sports, after-school activities, fundraisers and on and on. Sometimes when I reflect on the baby years, I realize how less physically draining they really were, (of course you can't tell that to ANY woman who is operating on 5 hrs. sleep in a 48 hr. time frame!). So, maybe what my prescription for my cooking ailment should be is some recipe suggestions from you readers. Who knows, maybe your recipe will inspire some creativity!

I have been satiating my ideas for our new home, for once we get ready to build it. We have no plans to start yet, but we are compiling a collection of pics of things we both like. I can only imagine what our home would look like if my husband was to have no input from me. Maybe something like this:
matts hunting cabin
Um, not happening.

I on the other hand would probably choose something along these lines:
Yep, I can see this house set on some acreage, or maybe this house:
southern home1

But my all time favorite that I keep coming back too, and M seems to like too is this one:
I would lengthen it and add another dormer; not for the cyclops thing this particular house has going on.

I would replace the doors with these:doors

Somehow cram this foyer in it:

Then do this on the stairails:
Mamma Mia Movie Stairs

So, since my creativity skills have halted in the chow area, I have had to use them elsewhere. I look forward to your remedy of recipes! Au Revoir!


LTM said...

LOL@Green Acres theme--*snort*

I've got no recipes, this you know. But I LOVE those doors AND that foyer... oooo~ :o) <3

Jennifer Werneth said...

finally, i'm relating! (seeing as how i'm on a semi-permanent hiatus from cooking) however, i did make my own salsa after picking up mickey d's for dinner. does that count? btw, LOVE the pictures, esp. the doors and the foyer. but no sliding down the bannister, little missy! need i remind you of all of the ways you've hurt yourself?:)

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