Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Handmade Fan Jewelry

I am excited to do today's blog. You see, I have this friend who is making fan jewelry. Her name is Beth Anne Arcement. I have known Beth Anne for a very long time. Her story begins pre-Katrina in New Orleans. She started making the jewelry as a hobby and quality time with her mother-in-law. After Katrina, her husband and she relocated back to the Eastern Shore. Work left little time for her hobby, as life so often does. Once her brother started playing college ball, she noticed that the stores lacked designer fan jewelry. Now Beth Anne sells her jewelry in several stores also specializing in kids jewelry. She can make any team jewelry requested. She also can repair old jewelry, restrict pearls and make a set to match any outfit! You don't have to just choose from sports jewelry!

I have already ordered my Auburn necklace and know I will be the "Belle of the Ballgame"! Take a moment to check out these pics of some of the jewlery she has done. Because she is still in the beginning stages, BethAnne does not have a website. If you would like some really unique and stylish fan jewelry or jewelry for your child, please e-mail her at:
For those Tiger Fans: (Auburn, that is ;))

photo[1] (4)

photo[1] (3)

photo[2] (3)

And for those other Tiger fans (LSU):

photo[3] (2)

These are two Saints Necklaces:

photo[2] (2)
For all you Alabama fans:

photo[1] (2)

Or you might like this one better:

And for Christmas, here is a fabulous necklace that doesn't look like you raided grandma's closet!:
photo[2] (4)


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