Monday, January 31, 2011

A Beautiful Blog and A Great Product Review

This winter season has been harsh in the Malone house this month. Our family, sans hubby, has been assaulted by evil viruses. The boys had some sort of foreign throat infection which caused them to run high fevers for about 6 days. I was lucky fortuitous to get the old fashioned flu. Nightmare. Still recovering from it. So, in hind sight, this explains why I have been incognito for the last couple of weeks. I am happy to say that I am feeling a world's better and ready to get back to what I love doing: cooking, decorating and writing. I have spent the last few weeks surfing the net and all those blog sights I so deeply love to read. I have come across one sight, which I wish I would have discovered months ago! If you love the Lord and are looking for an inspirational sight to read, then I HIGHLY encourage you to visit A Holy Experience. Ann Voskamp is the author and her writing is so beautiful! Words leap off the pages at you and are engraved into your mind. Her perspective on life is so pure and encouraging in our world today. As a follower of Christ, we are often the outcasts in today's society. I like being a reject. For each time I am judged for my belief, it makes me want to shout it even louder! I am reminded of Christ's rejection and how He kept going, spreading the word of our awesome God! As I stand to be a guidance for my children, I struggle on a daily basis with the moral challenges of our world. I am on a daily crusade to stand against the powers of satan and raise my sword and shield so my children will know that we must continue to fight for our beliefs, no matter who says they are wrong. I encourage you to put on your "Armour of God" and fight the holy fight.

On a very different note, after having the flu and feeling like I have contaminated every part of the house with sick germs, I have been scouring this abode bringing it back to a sanitary status. I have, for months now, been searching in earnest for a reliable steam mop. I have tried a many steam mops, and have turned up either dissapointed or frustrated that it did not seem to "get the job done". Most of them left streaks the width of the mop or were unable to get all the gunk off the floor. Well, I am happy to say that I have discovered a wonderful steam mop and it has a bonus, it is also a vac! I usually do not recommend a product to anyone unless I am 100 percent satisfied and pleased with the product. This one I am and more than happy to pass it along to you. It is the Vac-n-Steam Mop by Shark. You can check out the product and watch a how-to-video. It is so great that even my boys beg to clean the floors!
Here is a pic of our youngest happily disinfecting the floor!


This handy contraption first vaccuums your floor, really good I might add, and then you place on the magnetic plate and microfiber cloth and mop! That simple! No streaks and stubborn spots came up fairly easily. It costs $149.99. I don't mind I paid that now that I know how well it works. Definately worth it in my opinion.

May you all have a blessed day and I hope to have some recipes coming soon!


Jennifer Werneth said...

girl, i've already printed out my 20% off coupon to b,b, and byond and am waiting to get that vac n mop. does the cute boy come with it? i need a helper too:)

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you for the suggestion of the mop perferance! I have much needed another option other than the one I have now, the ole hand and knees mopping! Yes I do! I will check this out and hopefully be the proud owner of one in the future! Love you much! Your truely wonderful inside and out!

LTM said...

Oh! I'm so going to check out that website--it sounds amazing and I love that graphic. And I'm so so sorry you've been sick--argh! Folks are dropping like flies around here~ Take it easy, and wow. Check out that "mop"! :D I always learn something from you~ xoxo <3

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