Monday, May 3, 2010

The Cake Diaries

Today is our youngest son, Riley's, birthday. He is 6! We had his party over the weekend. He wanted an Indiana Jones cake and so I thought I would save the 40-50 bucks and make it myself. It turned out OK and he was happy. The sad part was that I forgot to take pictures of it! I'm like that, forgetful! In my defense, my poor hubby was sick and I was running the party myself. So, if forgetting to take a pic of the cake was the worst of it, I think I can manage! Well, it got me thinking about all the cakes I've made in the past. I am not a professional cake decorator by far, but I did pay attention to my mom and nanny (grandmother) growing up. You see, my Nanny has a bakery/fast food business in the small hometown I grew up halfway in. I remember watching my mom decorate countless cakes. There were traditional to the not so innocent versions. The "boob cake" was the most risque cake I had ever seen. That is until it's male counterpart came along! People would request some crazy cakes! Thankfully, those that have allowed me to make cakes for them have kept the request "G" rated. God bless them! I don't think I could make some naughty cakes! So, I thought I would pull out some pics from my repertoire and share them withyou all. Hope you enjoy!

Disney world '08 114
This was one I did for a friend's husband.

Disney world '08 118
This was for my sister-in-laws 30th Birthday! First attempt with fondant

Disney world '08 125
This was for a friend's birthday.

Disney world '08 150
The jungle cake was for my oldest's 5th birthday.

Disney world '08 135
For my nephew's birthday

graduation night '08 022
Our youngest end of the year school party


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